Jordan Clarkson- Rain Fell

Jordan Clarkson stood under the shade in the Farmington Gymnasium on Saturday as rain fell.

A storm that was sweeping across the region could have caused a sour note on the day.

Jordan Clarkson- Sour Note

Just like some of the latest news and rumors that have circulated regarding The Utah Jazz could have. 

Jordan Clarkson- News And Rumors

However, it should come as no surprise to anyone to know that Clarkson was just as unfazed by the rain as the Jazz are the future of his Jazz.

Jordan Clarkson- Jazz

Hundreds of children, from the first grade to 12th grade came to the basketball court for Clarkson's camp on Saturday.

Jordan Clarkson- Basketball Court

Clarkson's brother, parents and his friends with a number of camps across the nation and Clarkson attends every one of them.

Jordan Clarkson- Every One Of Them

Jordan Clarkson- Trade 

Image Source- SI.COM,GQ

As a result that even though reports regarding an Jazz rebuild are circulating in the wake of reports about trade negotiations

As the rain fell all around us, and children yelled in the distance asking Clarkson to remain in Utah.

Jordan Clarkson- Remain In Utah

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