Jordan Love- A Long Time

The Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love dynamic has been the subject of debate for a long time. 

 Love was selected at the 2020 NFL Draft and 2022 will be the quarterback's third season with the league.

Jordan Love- Season With League

With the expiration the first year of Love's rookie deal nearing and the Green Bay Packers.

Jordan Love- Green Bay Packers

In an interview on Pro Football Talk Live, NFL analyst Mike Florio claimed that the cost for Jordan Love was too high to just abandon.

Jordan Love- Just Abandon

"[The Packers] traded up to get Jordan Love after their first preference, Justin Jefferson, was drafted by the Vikings.

Jordan Love- The Vikings

The 49ers move up to get Brandon Aiyuk. That was Plan B. Plan C was trade up to get Jordan Love.

Jordan Love- The 49ers

Florio suggests that the Packers are planning to eventually shift into Jordan Love full-time.

Jordan Love- Full Time

Jordan Love- Aaron Rodgers

Image Source-Bleacher Report, SBNATION

Aaron Rodgers is too good and well-known, as well as too costly to be benched for Jordan Love.

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