Jordan Love- Aaron Rodgers

Jordan Love will be entering his third season as the backup to Aaron Rodgers.

The former first-round selection has had many bad moments in his NFL career. This has led to some serious criticism from the NFL community.

Jordan Love- NFL Community

Jordan Love- Packers Insider

On Wednesday, however, Packers insider Peter Bukowski shared a highlight tape that compared some of Love's failures to young Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers was a back-toback league MVP but he didn't become an NFL full-time starter until four seasons into his NFL career.

Jordan Love- NFL Career

In Year 5, he was selected for the Pro-Bowl and in Year 7, he was named MVP.

Jordan Love- In Year 5

Love will not be able to play at the same level Rodgers is currently playing at, unless Rodgers becomes injured in the 2022 season.

Jordan Love- Currently Playing

Love has thrown for 289 yard, three touchdowns, and three interceptions in two preseason games this season.

Jordan Love- This Season

Jordan Love- Preseason Schedule

Image Source- Bleacher Report, SBNATION

Tonight, he'll be playing against the Chiefs to complete the Packers' preseason schedule.

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