Jordan Mailata- Concussions

Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata calls out the NFL after suffering concussions during practice amid gear.

The guardian helmet, which was created over a decade ago, was made mandatory by the NFL to be worn.

Jordan Mailata- Guardian Helmet

Jordan Mailata- A Few Weeks

Their effectiveness has been questioned after only a few weeks of protective caps being worn in practice.

Over the past 10-15 years, player health has been a major topic of discussion in football.

Jordan Mailata- A Major Topic

While the league has made efforts to reduce serious injuries through changes to the rules.

Jordan Mailata- Serious Injuries

Mailata's call for the guardian cap to be "fake news," is a reminder that football has a high risk of suffering.

Jordan Mailata- Guardian Cop

When the caps were first mandated in March, it was reasonable to assume that the latest enhancement.

Jordan Mailata- Latest Enhancements

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Jordan Mailata- Effort to Minimize

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The NFL can only make a concerted effort to minimize player contact with head-to-head collisions.

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