Jordan Speith- Incredible Things

Such countless incredible things about are being at a British Open, however it's difficult to top.

There are trucks all around the course selling this velvety delicate serve mixture with a chocolate "piece".

Jordan Speith- Delicate Serve

Jordan Speith- Avoid Scarfing

To such an extent that Jordan Spieth couldn't avoid scarfing one down during his last practice round.

The three-time significant champion doesn't appear to have a similar dexterity with eating.

Jordan Speith- Significant Champ

View yourself as Spieth takes a couple of light meals and gets frozen yogurt all around his face prior.

Jordan Speith- Light Meals

We're speculating Jay wouldn't fret wrapping that up, on the grounds that, once more, they're superb.

Jordan Speith- Wrapping Up

Or on the other hand the way that he's not used to eating frozen yogurt while wearing a sweater.

Jordan Speith- Frozen Yogurt

At first, we were likewise going to give Spieth one more intruder for not attempting the chip.

Jordan Speith- Likewise Going

Image Source- Golf Digest

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