Josh Allen- NFL Fans

ESPN is offered NFL fans a unique perspective on their position-by-position player rankings.

The former world leader is able to get the perspective of 50 players and front office staff members.

Josh Allen- World Leader

Josh Allen- Best QB

NFL Insider Field Yates saw that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was ranked as the third best QB.

He rather views Allen as one of the top players in the industry. Yates even went to the extent of Allen.

Josh Allen- Top Players

Allen is among the most reliable players in the NFL. Allen led the league with a 70.8 percent completion.

Josh Allen- Most Reliable

Allen also scored 18 touchdowns in passing on fourth and third downs in 2021. He was tied for most with Brady.

Josh Allen- Touchdowns

Many people see the Bills as the favorite to not just make it through to the Super Bowl, but win the entire thing.

Josh Allen- Favourite

Image Source- Syracuse

Bills from the late 1990s in which they won four conference championships in consecutive years.

Josh Allen- Championship

Image Source- Buffalowdown

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