Josh Allen- Training Camp

It all started when star quarterback Josh Allen was bumped following the whistle in the training camp.

Allen began running a drill near the goal line and took a shotgun snap. He then started to sprint.

Josh Allen- Running a Drill

Josh Allen- Two Yard Line

After he reached the two-yard line, the whistle sounded and Allen began to sprint up the field.

As Allen turned around to shove Phillips, tempers flared. The field was enraged and began to form a group.

Josh Allen- Tempers Flare

It's not uncommon for a brief incident to occur at training camp. Another team was the Falcons.

Josh Allen- Brief Incident

As the season begins, however, the Bills are a team that has aspirations to win the Super Bowl.

Josh Allen- Season Begins

Perhaps the Buffalo Bills should string Christmas lights on Josh Allen's red practice stop sign jersey.

Josh Allen- Buffalo Bills

There must be a way for the sensor to detect Allen approaching, similar to a blind spot device.

Josh Allen- For the Sensors

Image Source- Athlon Sports

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