Josh Allen- Bills Supporters

Bills supporters are well-known in the NFL. They are known for their outrageous pre-game antics.

They have the largest fan base, even though they are not in the major markets such as the New York Giants.

Josh Allen- Largest Fan Base

Josh Allen- Get Autographs

They are known for trying to get autographs in the offseason. They have even attacked Josh Allen.

Allen has been known to ignore a lot of his fans. claims he has a formula to sign autographs.

Josh Allen- Known to Lot

Allen signed for children because he remembered what it was like to be a child and wanted an autograph.

Josh Allen- Signed for Children

Both are both liabilities when it comes to outside shooting. Their mindsets, however, are completely different.

Josh Allen- Both Liabilities

That left an impression on me. I was like, "I don't want anymore to root for him." It was so bothersome.

Josh Allen- An Impression

Josh Allen- The Athlete

Image Source- CBS Sports

Because it's something I've experienced and it hurt me that the athlete I looked up to didn't care.

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