Josh Allen- From The League

Josh Allen is the 13th most valuable footballer on the National Football League in 2022 as per the players from the league.

NFL fans are angry about this Buffalo Bills quarterback being ranked at No. thirteen in the NFL going towards the start of the season in 2022.

Josh Allen- Season In 2022

Allen is, of course, is coming off an crazy season, particularly towards the final stretch where he posted massive numbers during the playoffs.

Josh Allen- During The Playoffs

Being ranked as 13th in all of the players is doubtful at the very least.

Josh Allen- Very Least

"I am not sure which is worse, Josh not top 10 or Patrick not top 5. Both are ridiculous," one of the fans added.

Josh Allen- Fans Added

Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen is one of the best players in football. He has made playoffs in the past three seasons. 

Josh Allen- The Past

 He has been a Pro Bowlerand a MVP fan favorite, and is expected to have a strong playoff play this year.

Josh Allen- Play This Year

Josh Allen- Worked On

Image Source- National Today, Marca

The 26-year-old is on the highest of his abilities But he can still spot his flaws and areas need to be worked on.

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