As of mid-July Buffalo Bills star quarterback Jos Alle is the odds-on favorite for the 2022 NFL MVP Award.

Josh Allen- Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen- Pro Football

Allen is not as popular with the pro-football world, which includes coaches, executives, and scouts.

Despite this positive outlook from Las Vegas and NFL supporters, Allen isn't quite as well-respected.

Josh Allen- Positive Outlook

This group recently voted Allen the third-best quarterback in the NFL, after he was a Wyoming signal-caller.

Josh Allen- Best Quarterback

It is obvious that Josh Allen, the most likely Super Bowl MVP, will be the NFL's best quarterback in 2022.

Josh Allen- Super Bowl MVP

His running ability adds an offensive dimension that few NFL quarterbacks can match.

Josh Allen- Offensive Dimension

Allen and company would have won their second consecutive AFC Championship game if it wasn't for the meltdown.

Josh Allen- AFC Championship

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Allen ranks third among quarterbacks in a poll that included NFL executives, coaches and scouts.

Josh Allen- Among Quarterbacks

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After trading up in the draft, Kansas City selected Patrick Mahomes 10th overall in 2017.

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