Giddey the second-year guard has quietly performed a spectacular show during his performance.

Josh Giddey- Second Year Guard

Showing the speed and overall talent that defined his 2021-22 campaign, Giddey finished with a triple-double.

Josh Giddey- Overall Talent

Oklahoma City's 87-71 victory against Memphis in which the Thunder made it 2-1 at the top of Salt Lake City.

Josh Giddey- Victory Against

In the Wednesday game, Giddey basically picked up the pace he was on in Day 1 when Giddey scored 14 points.

Josh Giddey- Bascially Picked

The relationship he has with Holmgren is growing in Summer League and he assisted in three of Holmgren.

Josh Giddey- Summer League

They were fighting Chet, in a great matchup that was great to be a part of. Chet's the No. 2 choice and players.

Josh Giddey- Choice of Player

Lofton was paired with the No. 2 overall selection Holmgren for Memphis the 87-71 defeat.

Josh Giddey- Overall Selection

Lofton was hot from the start and nailed the first three shots of the opening quarter in the course of the game.

Josh Giddey- First Three Shots

Image Source- CBS Sports

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