Josh Hawley- January 6

On Thursday, the House January 6 committee played Capitol security footage that showed Josh Hawley.

Who famously raised his fist to protesters outside and ran for his safety when those protesters entered the building.

Josh Hawley- Raised His Fist

Josh Hawley- Internet Memes

The incident sparked a series of internet memes mocking Hawley's escape from the very people.

Elaine Luria, a Virginia Democrat, presented the case for the committee and showed photos of senators.

Josh Hawley- Democrats

"He walked along the Capitol's east front earlier in the afternoon, just before the joint session began."

Josh Hawley- East Front

He raised a fist in solidarity to protesters who were already gathered at the security gate."

Josh Hawley- In Solidarity

Image Source- New York Posr

Senator Hawley fled from the protesters he had helped to stir up stormed Capitol. You can see it yourself.

Josh Hawley- The Protesters

Image Source- Economic Times

The committee video of Hawley running down a corridor, followed by a sprint down a staircase.

Josh Hawley- Committee Video

Image Source- Vogue

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