JR Smith- From The League

A year after winning the NBA title as a player of the Los Angeles Lakers, JR Smith believes he's being deliberately kept from the league.

When he spoke to Pierce Simpson of Complex Sports, Smith said "100 percent" he was being blackballed out of the NBA.

JR Smith- Complex Sports

Smith was also able to add Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, Nick Young and Isaiah Thomas to the list of players blackballed.

JR Smith- List of Players

Crawford cannot be blackballed since the player has officially quit on March. Thomas is a free agent.

JR Smith- Free Agent

Johnson was born in 1941, which makes Johnson one of the the second oldest currently playing player of the NBA.

JR Smith- The NBA

Boston Celtics last season after signing a 10-day contract that included an exemption for hardship.

JR Smith- Boston Celtics

JR Smith- Part Of The NBA

Image Source-  Complex, Silver Screen And Roll

Young 37-year-old Young was a journeyman for the majority of his career. He hasn't been a part of the NBA.

In Smith's final year with his team the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018-19, Smith appeared to have forced his way out.

JR Smith- His Way Out

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