Jrue Holiday- Former Teammates

In the meantime the former NBA teammates Jrue Holiday was featured in JJ Redick's The Old Man.

The way Giannis works is like a battery pack," Holiday said. "He just never stops coming at you.

Jrue Holiday- Never Stops

Jrue Holiday- Night After Night

For somebody to see that night after night, it really sucks, so I enjoy it. I enjoy being on this side.

There've been games where he takes one dribble from half court and then just dunks the ball near from the free.

Jrue Holiday- From Half Court

You know he has that long step and that gather step and it kind of looks like travel or whatever it is the Travel.

Jrue Holiday- That Long Step

He really should be like in Space Jam, he really should. It's some of the craziest stuff I've ever seen.

Jrue Holiday- Craziest Stuff

One of the things that I love about Giannis, though, is that he really wants to be the best.

Jrue Holiday- To be the Best

Jrue Holiday- Work Ethic

Image Source- Brew Hoop

He really practices that every day. With his work ethic, he really wants to be the best player.

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