Juan Soto- Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals sold the Two-time All-Star Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres on Tuesday.

Two weeks following Soto declined an offer for a 15-year $440 million deal from the team.

Juan Soto- $440 Million Deal

Juan Soto- Arrangements

In the arrangement in the deal, it is expected that the Nationals are also expected to transfer.

The Nationals will be receiving shortstop C.J. Abrams along with lefthanded pitching MacKenzie Gore.

Juan Soto- Shortstops

The Padres will also transfer first baseman/designated designated hitter Luke Voit to Washington.

Juan Soto- Designated

First baseman veteran Eric Hosmer was initially part of the package transferred to Washington.

Juan Soto- Initially Part

In exchange for Soto and Bell However, Hosmer was reported to have invoking his no-trade provision.

Juan Soto- No Trade Provisions

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Which forced the two teams to switch to Voit as part of the deal. Hosmer's clause of no-trade.

Juan Soto- Two Teams to Switch

Image Source- Si.com

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