Juan Soto- San Franciso Giants

The San Francisco Giants showed that Juan Soto, and the San Diego Padres have much to learn.

Although the Padres were expected to be the new National League West champions with their moves.

Juan Soto- National League

Juan Soto- Dissappointing

The Padres' new look has been disappointing, with losses to the Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Despite having some of the best offensive players in the league, the Padres lost the match 1-0 at home.

Juan Soto- Offensive Players

The entire MLB is now looking at the San Diego Padres and they are not living up to their expectations.

Juan Soto- San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants are a creditable team for their defensive strength. It is not easy to shut out a team.

Juan Soto- Creditable Teams

Washington Nationals fans really enjoy the slump in the Padres following the Juan Soto deal.

Juan Soto- Washington Nationals

Image Source- NY Post

Some people are considering trading Juan Soto for another player, fearing that he might not be worth.

Juan Soto- Consider Trading

Image Source- The Japan Times

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