Juan Soto- San Diego Padres

Things haven't been going as planned after when the San Diego Padres loaded up on the trade deadline.

Then Juan Soto appears to be recovering from an injury following being struck by an opponent on Wednesday.

Juan Soto- To be Recovering

The All-Star outfielder slammed an errant fastball to his back and was forced to leave playing on Wednesday.

Juan Soto- Hit by Fastball

Diamondbacks pitcher Tommy Henry threw a 91-speed fastball in and up which struck Soto in the back.

Juan Soto- Throw by Player

Soto was thrown to the floor, hurting until he regained his feet and took his base. He was able to continue playing.

Juan Soto- Regained His Feet

The hit-by-pitch is a continuation of Soto's rough start to San Diego amid a season which was already his worst.

Juan Soto- Player Rough Start

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

Juan Soto- Lineup Struggle

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

The Padres' star has struggled since returning to the lineup and was in a slump of 2 for 27 in the lead-up.

The slump brought his former batting champion's score to .243 and brought cheers from the Padres fans.

Juan Soto- Batting Champ

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