Juan Soto- Washington Nationals

Although the Washington Nationals might be trading Juan Soto it is unlikely to be inexpensive.

Multiple MLB teams told Ken Rosenthal of the Nationals' request for "youngsters," which are basically prospects.

Juan Soto- MLB Teams

Juan Soto- Several Years

Big-leaguers who have had several years of team control, as part of negotiations for Soto.

Teams will need to decide whether to pay the price before the Aug. 2 deadline or if they want to try their luck later.

Juan Soto- Pay the Price

Soto is currently under Nationals control until the 2024 season. If they don't sign an extension.

Juan Soto- In 2024 Season

Soto's trade drama started when he rejected a $15-year extension offer from the Nationals worth $440 million.

Juan Soto- 15 Year Extension

However, the $29.3 million annual average value was significantly lower than many players at Soto’s level.

Juan Soto- Average Value

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The Nationals would trade Soto to admit that they don't believe they can sign Soto after 2024.

Juan Soto- Admits

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