Julian Edelman- Comeback

Julian Edelman has been named the most recent retired NFL player to ponder the idea of making a comeback.

A former New England Patriots wide receiver has recently mentioned a possible return in a variety of interviews.

Julian Edelman- Variety of Interview

The player has said that his nagging knee injury is much better than it did when his retirement in the 2021 season.

Julian Edelman- 2021 Season

It's true that Edelman could not have plenty of fuel left at 36, and has an injury history that has led to knee problems.

Julian Edelman- Knee Problem

The thought that the former three-time Super Bowl champion returning to the field is fascinating.

Julian Edelman- Field Is Fascinating

I was talking to Frank Edelman, his dad, a few weeks ago. He's like, 'Julian's running 19 miles an hour.

Julian Edelman- 19 Miles An Hour

Julian Edelman- His Body

Image Source- Vogue, USOPEN.org

Nineteen miles an hour is freaking fast. But what he contended is Julian has to practice every day and his body.

 Danny Amendola, guys like Rob Gronkowski, they didn't mind not practicing. Julian thrives on it. So I still think it's a long shot."

Julian Edelman- Long Shot

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