Wide receiver Julian Edelman last played for The New England Patriots in the 2020 season.

Julian Edelman- New England Patriots

Edelman has announced that he will retire the 12th of April, 2021 after 12 years playing for New England.

Julian Edelman- Will Retire On

He stated that, after an absence this year, he felt more relaxed but, in the same way, the reps are still 10,000 behind.

Julian Edelman- Lot More Relaxed

 It's not the same results," Edelman said, which was transcribed by NESN. "So now that I've had an entire year off.

Julian Edelman- Transcribed NESN

When asked about returning into football in NFL, Edelman admitted that after an entire year off of playing.

Julian Edelman- Entire Year Off

While he might feel better, the possibility of a return for Edelman is extremely unlikely, but isn't impossible.

Image Source- Business Insider

Julian Edelman- Extremely Unlikely

In his 11-year professional career, he's earned 6,822 yards receiving during the regular season.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Julian Edelman- Professional Career

He's scored 36 touchdowns on the receiving end and has also returned five times to score touchdowns.

Julian Edelman- Receving End

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