Julio Rodriguez- Rookie Season

After a memorable rookie season fielder Julio Rodriguez and the Seattle Mariners reached an agreement.

This past Saturday Rodriguez made his first appearance in front of the cameras since signing to a 14-year contract extension.

Julio Rodriguez- First Appearance

Julio Rodriguez and the Seattle Mariners are set to continue their relationship for the long term with the Pacific Northwest.

Julio Rodriguez- Seattle Mariners

Agreeing to a $209.3m 12-year contract that starts the next season. It will amount to $469.6m over the span of 17 years.

Julio Rodriguez- 12 Year Contract

The deal that was announced Friday for the 21-year-old All-Star outfielder will include seven seasons.

Julio Rodriguez- All Star Outfielder

A five-year player option is included and the club's option for eight years, award escalators, and the chance.

Julio Rodriguez- Player Option

In the event that the team option was not exercised in the event of a club option being exercised.

Julio Rodriguez- Club Option

Image Source- NY Times

Julio Rodriguez- Two MVPs

Image Source- The Guardians

If Rodriguez receives two MVP awards before 2028 or places within the top five of polls at least.

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