Julius Francis, a 57-year-old former professional boxer who was the British champion.

Julius Francis- Former Boxer

Francis in 2000 fought Mike Tyson, is now an official Security guard for BOXPARK Wembley.

Julius Francis- Fought Mike Tyson

The video shows a male wearing a blue du-rag can be seen repeatedly shouting obscenities at security guards.

Julius Francis- Shouting at Security Guards

The man pushes several individuals as a group security guards attempt to push him away from the set of guardrails in the area.

Julius Francis- Pushed Several Individuals

At 45 seconds into the video, Francis unleashes an absolutely brutal right-hand attack, taking the rogue down.

Julius Francis- 45 Seconds Video

He Knocked down Rouser by delivering one of the strongest head-shots you'll see in a viral online video.

Image Source- Planet Sport

Julius Francis- Delivering Head Shot

Fighting Tyson back in the year 2000 Francis did not fare much better than his opponent on this clip.

Image Source- YouTube

Julius Francis- His Opponent in the Clip

However, if anyone has the desire to cause problems at BOXPARK Wembley this video should deter them.

Julius Francis- Vidoe Should Deter Him

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