Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis Smartwatch

Just Corseca has entered the Indian market with an exclusive range of Smartwatches. The new devices have a heart rate monitor, body temperature monitor.

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- Display

Just Corseca Ray K’anabis Smartwatch is available in two colour variants and features a 1.28-inch Full HD IPS display.

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- Water Resistant

It has a water-resistance rating of 1.5 meters, and the company claims that it can be kept in water for up to 30 minutes. 

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- Connectivities

It also has a built-in microphone and speaker, which allows it to be used for answering calls or controlling a camera. 

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- Calories Burner

This smartwatch is capable of displaying sports data, including distance, pace, and calories burnt. 

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- Salt Water Resistant

Another feature that makes the Just Corseca Ray K’anabis Smartwatch so interesting is the salt-water-resistance capability.  

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- GPS

With features like GPS, you can track your location or call up a loved one in an emergency. 

The Just Corseca Ray K'Anabis Smartwatch is made especially for Swimmers, Travellers, Surfers, & Bikers,

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- Made For

Just Corseca Ray K’Anabis- Music

You can also control your music and take pictures with the Just Corseca Ray K’ana Bis’ Bluetooth smartwatch. 

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