Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Banned from Buying

Music sensation Justin Bieber will no longer be allowed to buy another Ferrari car because of the car modifications rule.

As per reports, Bieber had changed the color of his 2011 Ferrari F458 Italia to neon blue.

Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Changed Color

Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Carmaker Rule

Ferrari has rules that dictate that an owner cannot sell their car in the first year. If so, they have to inform the company.

Fabio Barone, president of the world's largest Ferrari drivers' club, supported move to preserve the manufacturer's dignity. 

Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Bann Reaction

Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Kim Kardarshian

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is also on the list as she reportedly accepted a Prancing Horse as a wedding gift from a fraudster.

Actor Nicolas Cage, who has a massive car collection, bought a $1 million Ferrari Enzo back in 2003 but was forced to sell. 

Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Nicolas Cage

Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Nicolas Cage Bann

Ferrari later decided to ban the artist as they believed the incident would affect their brand name.

music producer and artist Deadmau5 was also added to the list along with others namely Rapper 50 Cent.

Justin Bieber & Ferrari- Other Banned

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