Justin Field- Quarterback

Quarterback Justin Fields and the offensive first-team performed a spectacular show on Saturday in Cleveland by scoring 21 consecutive points.

Fields delivered an impressive individual effort, completing 14 of 16 passes, resulting in 3 touchdowns and 156 yards.

Justin Field- 3 Touchdown

He scored a rating of 146.9 during his longest game of the preseason.

Justin Field- The Preseason

Fields on the offense of the first team was on the field for 29 plays and passed to 10 players over five plays.

Justin Field- Over Five Days

Fields stated that he was in an optimistic mood and confidence before the game. He was thrilled to witness the team's progress.

Justin Field- Team's Progress

"I think it's just execution on all parts," Fields declared. "I think the line was a tremendous job in protecting us today. 

Justin Field- Protecting

 I've told them to do that several occasions. The receivers did an excellent job by running scramble drills, just the right routes.

Justin Field- Right Routes

Justin Field- Protecting and Running

Image Source-The Gaurdian,SI.com

This is a matter of protecting and running the football, and it will open up everything through our bootleg and play-action plays.

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