Justin Fields- Appear on Paper

Perhaps it's possible that the Chicago Bears offense won't be so bad as it appears on paper.

The team, especially the new General Manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus

Justin Fields- Matt Eberflus

Criticism this year due to what appeared as a sloppy strategy in constructing around their quarterback Justin Fields.

Justin Fields- Thier Quarterback

In putting together rosters from across the league The Bears were seen to be among the worst offensive lines.

Justin Fields- Offensive Line

As well as wide receivers with the highest crop. They could still be a problem as the season shifts into high gear.

Justin Fields- High Gear

However, Bears loyalists will feel relief after the way Fields played in the preseason.

Justin Fields- The Preseason

The signal-caller of the sophomore class ripped through his Cleveland Browns defense Saturday. 

Justin Fields- Defense Saturday

Justin Fields- 3Scores And 156 Yards

Image Source- The Gaurdian, SI.COM

 His completion rate was 81.3 percentage of passes, resulting in 3 scores and 156 yards.

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