Justin Herbert- Chargers QB

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert put his stamp on the season with an impressive debut and was awarded AP.

He did this by the quarterback completing the pass with 67 percent accuracy for 4,336 yards and 10 interceptions.

Justin Herbert- Passing Accuracy

Justin Herbert- Nearing the Playoffs

The Oregon player then was a part of the Chargers nearing being in the playoffs as he threw for 5,014 yards.

How do you think Herbert dealing with the expectations that have been raised for the coming year?

Justin Herbert- Deal with Expectations

He's just so stable," Brandon Staley spoke about in his press conference through Eric L. Smith of the team.

Justin Herbert- Press Conference

That's the reason he's an excellent player and an excellent teammate. He understands the importance.

Justin Herbert- Excellent Players

That's probably why his teammates and coaches are so fond of him since it's not all about his personal matters.

Justin Herbert- His Teammates

Justin Herbert- Major Reason

Image Source- LA Food Bank

Chargers will reach the playoffs at first during their Herbert era, their quarterback will be a major reason.

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