Justin Herbert- Hold Record

Herbert's expectations have skyrocketed as he holds records for passing touchdowns (69).

ESPN Insider Mike Tannenbaum appears to agree that the Chargers are a popular team in the NFL.

Justin Herbert- Popular Team

Justin Herbert- Chiefs Dominance

Tannenbaum discussed why he believes Kansas City's dominance over the AFC will end on Monday's episode.

Tannenbaum said "Taking nothing away Kansas City, Justin Herbert is able to stand toe-toe the offense.

Justin Herbert- To the Offense

Tannenbaum said, "And they're absolutely loaded on both ends of the ball, This guy will be the league MVP.

Justin Herbert- Wil be League MVP

Herbert will be able to build on last year's success by using the same offensive system again.

Justin Herbert- Last Year Success

Tannenbaum is optimistic that Herbert and the Bolts will be successful in 2022 with a new addition.

Justin Herbert- A New Addition

Justin Herbert- Under Pressure

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Herbert stressed that the Bolts were not under pressure despite having high expectations into the season.

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