Justin Herbert- Five Picks

The moment of truth came just five picks into the NFL's Pandemic-scrambled and remote draft.

To hit on a quarterback like Justin, it changes everything," said Shane Day, now Herbert's position coach.

Justin Herbert- On a Quarterback

Since the beginning, in the season of 2006 the Chargers have only had three quarterbacks on the field.

Justin Herbert- On the Field

To find Herbert there and to do what he's already done it's going to require you a lot of time in the evening.

Justin Herbert- A Lot of Time

Justin is a phenomenal player with a huge talent cap. I'm very curious to know what our collective cap is as well.

Justin Herbert- Phenomenal Player

There were three quarterbacks who started in 273 games during the regular season, the first 240 games.

Justin Herbert- Regular Season

Justin Herbert- Longest Tenure

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

The longest-tenured player of the Chargers did not know what was at the time of Herbert when he got his debut.

There is no player with more passes completed (839) or passes distance (9,350) as well as touchdown passes.

Justin Herbert- More Passes

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