Justin Jefferson- At Any Position

It's fairly evident it's a given that Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson is one of the most talented athletes within the NFL at any position.

We also were aware that he was a part of making it to the top 20 on this year's NFL Top 100 list.

Justin Jefferson- Top 100 List

Jefferson has landed at the 17th spot in the NFL Top 100, an amazing 36-spot improvement from his position last year.

Justin Jefferson- Last Year

We've heard all the statistics regarding Jefferson however, do you know what? We'll repeat them all over again.

Justin Jefferson- All Over Again

In his first season when he broke the record for the highest number of receiving yards in a single season for a rookie by more than 1,400.

Justin Jefferson- More Than 1400

He broke that record the following season with 1,616 yards making him the sole wide receiver from NFL history.

Justin Jefferson- NFL History

Justin Jefferson- 20 Best Player

Image Source- Vogue, USOPEN.org

In the ranking the NFL published prior to the announcement on the 20 best players Jefferson is the fourth best receiver of the NFL.

Jefferson is one of just three Vikings who made the Top 100 list. Run-back Dalvin Cook ranked number 31.

Justin Jefferson- Ranked Number 31

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