Kawhi Leonard- Top Players

Kawhi Leonard is among the top players in the NBA however, over the last few months.

He's been recovering from the injury to his ACL that he suffered in the playoffs of 2021.

Kawhi Leonard- Recovering

Kawhi Leonard- Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are desperate to have Kawhi Leonard back and, the good news.

Kawhi will have a great group of teammates to play with since Paul George is coming back for a second time.

Kawhi Leonard- Great Group

In addition, John Wall is now a point guard for the team, which is fantastic information to the Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard- Fantastic

Video footage of Kawhi at work is appearing on social media. And in the latest video released by Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard- Social Media

Kawhi seems to be quite a bit larger than what he is normally however, in a muscular manner.

Kawhi Leonard- Bit Larger

Image Source- WSJ

Leonard takes care of his body as he heals. Kawhi was always an athletic force in the gym.

Kawhi Leonard- Athletic Force

Image Source- Maps Moneyball

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