Kawhi Leonard- Mutual Admiration

Julius Erving often spoke about his love for and mutual admiration of Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers' star.

Julius Erving was the most athletic player the league had ever seen. Dr. J was referred to as "Michael Jordan.

Kawhi Leonard- Most Athletic Player

Kawhi Leonard- NBA All Star & MVP

He was a 16-time All-Star, 7 All-NBA selections, 4 MVPs, and even an NBA champ.

The NBA's 75th Anniversary Team Member recently revealed who Irving found most entertaining.

Kawhi Leonard- Most Entertaining

Dr. J explained why Leonard is his favorite player and also shared the special bond he has with the 2-time.

Kawhi Leonard- Favourite Player

It's just a simple cordiality because he's a favorite player that I enjoy watching in the NBA Season Match.

Kawhi Leonard- Enjoy Watching

After Kawhi made his debut and was named MVP of the playoffs I began to pay more attention to him.

Kawhi Leonard- Attention to Him

Kawhi Leonard- Talk to Someone

Image Source- CNBC

When he has something to share, he says it. If he doesn't have anything to say talk to someone.

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