Kawhi Leonard- Upload More Photos

It has yet to be confirmed if Kawhi Leonard will start the season for the LA Clippers. The team has begun to upload more photos of Kawhi.

We're impressed with everything we have heard about Kawhi Leonard, including reports, videos and statements.

 Kawhi Leonard- Videos And Statements

Kawhi Leonard- Looked Great

Paul George said that he looked like mid-season, Clint Parks, his trainer, stated that he looked great.

We're at a stage where Kawhi Leonard can play basketball on the court.

Kawhi Leonard- Basketball On The Court

According to reports, he would play in a preseason match, so we can expect that that moment in October.

Kawhi Leonard- Preseason Match

Although we are very close to the NBA season beginning, it is still difficult to believe that the LA Clippers have no moves left.

Kawhi Leonard- LA Clippers

 One roster spot remains open and the team needs to fill their backup center role.

Kawhi Leonard- Backup Centre Role

Kawhi Leonard- Move Slow Down

Image Source- ESPN

 We may see the team's moves slow down as the Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell situations settle down.

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