Kawhi Leonard's business-like approach toward basketball has made it a joke for many years.

Kawhi Leonard- Business Approach

Kawhi Leonard- Social Media

Kawhi isn't on social media, nor do we see him at high-profile events around the globe.

Media requirements are something athletes must meet, no matter how introverted they may seem.

Kawhi Leonard- Requirements

Kawhi's interactions with media have been hilarious, the most memorable being his famous laugh.

Kawhi Leonard- Interactions

Leonard, as part of his New Balance media commitments, has made an appearance at a foreign cooking show.

Kawhi Leonard- New Balance

Leonard is accompanied by his uncle Dennis, who also serves as his agent. Kawhi appears to be trying out Chinese cooking.

Kawhi Leonard- His Agents

Kawhi seemed to have a lot fun for a man who is often seen on the court with a cold expression.

Kawhi Leonard- A Lot of Fun

Image Source- CNBC

Leonard was sidelined for the entire season with an ACL injury he sustained against the Utah Jazz.

Kawhi Leonard- Entire Season

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Tatum stated, "It hurts." "Being together with this group, the challenges we've overcome during the season.

Jayson Tatum on How Much it Takes