Keenan Allen- Chargers Receivers

Chargers receiver Keenan Allen was caught on camera in a recent practice during which Allen appeared to make fun.

Allen 30 seems to have was referring to the single line Wilson used in his promotional videos for Denver.

Keenan Allen- Single Line

Keenan Allen- Launghing in Reference

Mike Dub, let's ride!" Allen declared laughing in reference to his fellow Chargers receiving Mike Williams.

Wilson was brought to Denver on March following a blockbuster swap between the two teams.

Keenan Allen- Blockbuster Swap

Seattle, where he was a part of the past 10 seasons playing for the Seahawks and also won the Super Bowl title.

Keenan Allen- Super Bowl Title

Wilson is his first season in the crowded AFC West, which boasts quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes.

Keenan Allen- First Season

Allen's antics were a part of the viral video of Wilson repeating his latest favorite catchphrase.

Keenan Allen- Viral Video

Image Source- LA Times

Keenan Allen- Football Team

Image Source- YouTube

Wilson's FAU football team also made their own version of the clip, a spoof featuring players.

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