Keldon Johnson- San Antonio Spurs

It appears that the San Antonio Spurs have gotten rid of many earlier critical players recently.

One player who is an integral part of the Spurs for the long-term will be Keldon Johnson.

Keldon Johnson- Integral Part

Keldon Johnson- Four Year Extension

 Johnson signed sign a four-year extension of his contract worth $74 million following a record-setting year.

In a recent interview on NBA Analysis Network, One league scout discussed his thoughts on Johnson.

Keldon Johnson- NBA Analysis

With regard to the numerous changes that the Spurs have undergone since the start of the season.

Keldon Johnson- Numerous Changes

One of the areas where Johnson was able to make an impact in the last season was his ability to catch.

Keldon Johnson- Last Season

Johnson was among the five players with at least 400 spot-ups and his production at 1.151 point per game.

Keldon Johnson- The Five Season

Image Source- CBS Sports

Keldon Johnson- Able to Perform

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Johnson was not able to perform in his role as a shooter, or an off-dribble shooter with the Spurs.

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