Kemba Walker- Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns could use some assistance at the point guard position. Is a four-time NBA All-Star.

The executive said that he was the Clippers' Plan B, but they got John Wall. So now he has to find something.

Kemba Walker- Clippers Plan B

Kemba Walker- Great Story

There was talk of him moving to Charlotte. That would be a great story for a team who might need.

They need depth behind Paul, and they need another point guard. You can make a deal with him.

Kemba Walker- Point Guard

Walker, 32, averaged 11.6 points per game in 37 games last season for the New York Knicks.

Kemba Walker- Points per Game

Walker averaged 19.5 point per game over his entire career. Walker averaged 19.9 point per game.

Kemba Walker- Points per Game

Walker signed a team-friendly contract last season. But even that was not enough to keep him.

Kemba Walker- Team Friendly

Kemba Walker- No Guaranteed Deal

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

A non-guaranteed deal may be what Walker has to settle for with his next team, to help rebuild.

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