Kendrick Nunn- The Offseason

There's been nothing to look forward to at all for Los Angeles Lakers fans in the offseason.

 Like always, there has been plenty of reports regarding a possible blockbuster trade.

Kendrick Nunn- Blocbuster Trade

A video of Nunn performing a full training session is being shared all over social media. 

Kendrick Nunn- Social Media

The 27-year-old appears to be running at high speed and does not appear that he's hindered by any kind of injury.

Kendrick Nunn- Injury

It's safe to say that Nunn looks great in this short clip. There's a spark in his eyes, too and it's a clear indication of his fact that this 6'2 point guard.

Kendrick Nunn- Short Clip

After signing as a free agent with the Lakers in the summer of 2017, Nunn has yet to make his debut with Lakers in Purple & Gold.

Kendrick Nunn-Purple and Gold

Kendrick Nunn- The Case

Image Source- SI.COM

Kendrick Nunn will be an offseason acquisition for the Lakers If everything goes as planned it could be the case.

Nunn took up the $5.3 million contract option for the Lakers for the next season. 

Kendrick Nunn- Next Season

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