The Charlotte Hornets must reopen their head coach search as Kenny Atkinson decided to leave.

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Instead, Atkinson will remain with the Golden State Warriors to serve as the top assistant coach.

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After undergoing multiple interviews over the past weeks with the Hornets, Atkinson agreed to a four year deal with the team.

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Hornets fired James Borrego in part due to his inability hold them accountable for four seasons.

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Atkinson's decision to stay with the Warriors and reverse his course is not clear at this time.

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Wojnarowski says it was after "further discussions", but this is a bit vague. After defeating the Boston Celtics at the 2022.

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 Atkinson may simply want to remain in the Bay Area where he can compete with the best players and coach them.

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The Hornets will have to go back on the drawing board in any event, with the 2022 NBA Draft only days away.

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