Kenny Golladay- Securing Several

It was the game everybody was looking forward to: the WR Kenny Golladay looked like a game changer after securing several.

The most impressive was a 40-yarder on which he had to make adjustments his body to catch.

Kenny Golladay- Body To Catch

An off-the-mark throw from Daniel Jones and hang on to the ball while he fell to the ground.

Kenny Golladay- Fell To The Ground

CB Adoree''Jackson, S Yusuf Corker and LB Tae Crowder threw interceptions. Corker's was right near the goal line.

Kenny Golladay- Goal Line

While Crowder's was right on the play following Golladay's field-changing catch. Jackson continues to cut routes.

Kenny Golladay- Cut Routes

WR C.J. Board caught two touchdowns One from Jones and the other from Tyrod Taylor.

Kenny Golladay- Tyrod Taylor

The catch by Taylor was a fake RPO play-fake , which drew the defense forward when Board was able to get into space.

Kenny Golladay- Get Into Space

Kenny Golladay- Special Team

Image Source-Big Blue View, NY Daily News

He is in the mix for the No. 5 spot in the receiver ranks due to his crucial part in special teams.

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