Kenny Pickett- First Player

Mitchell Trubisky was the first player to start for the Steelers in the preseason opener in the NFL.

He didn't lose any ground in the quarterback competition. However, Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph.

Kenny Pickett- Lose Any Ground

Kenny Pickett- Steelers QB

All three Steelers quarterbacks looked quite good. Pickett, a first-round pick, made his debut.

Pickett threw the game-winning touchdown in Pittsburgh's 32-25 win with just three seconds remaining.

Kenny Pickett- Game Winning

It may be a sign of the Seattle Seahawks' defense that all three Steelers quarterbacks performed well.

Kenny Pickett- Seattle Seahawks

Trubisky appeared confident right from the beginning of the game. Trubisky led the touchdown drive.

Kenny Pickett- Confident

It was just beyond the reach of the defender. Later in the drive Trubisky displayed his athleticism by wiggling.

Kenny Pickett- Reach Defender

Image Source- With the First Pick

Kenny Pickett- 93 Yard Touchdowns

Image Source- Sporting News

Rudolph was 9-of-15 for the 93-yard touchdown, while Pickett began the second half.

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