Phoenix Suns- Kevin Durant

An article that claimed Kevin Durant was coming to Phoenix on Thursday intensified speculation.

Phoenix Suns potentially trading with players from the Brooklyn Nets and NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

Phoenix Suns- Potentially Trading

Phoenix Suns- In the Valley

Take it for what it's worth, ok? I'm hearing that Kevin Durant is expected to be in the Valley tonight.

It is clear that he will not be able to make it to a meeting with the Suns and is currently under an agreement.

Phoenix Suns- Under an Agreement

I've heard anything about 'hear there's something that's going to happen, that's why Kevin Durant is to this place.

Phoenix Suns- Going to Happen

Durant was linked with the Suns since Durant made a request for a trade in the NBA Team offseason.

Phoenix Suns- Request Trade

Phoenix Suns was mentioned as the top destination for Durant in the event of trade with Brooklyn.

Phoenix Suns- Brooklyn Nets

Phoenix Suns- A Tweet

Image Source-  SBNation,netsdaily

Hearing KD landed in Phoenix around 7 PM has a driver who provides his security," Jurecki tweeted.

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