With the first day of free agency just a few hours away it's the time to drop that first Woj bomb is falling.

Kevin Durant- Day 1 Free Agency

The ESPN Insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday afternoon that Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant- Reports Come ESPN

A request for trade as well Nets director of operations Sean Marks is working on the search for a trading partner.

Kevin Durant- Nets Director Trade

The news comes a few days after Kyrie Irving decided to take an option to play in the coming season.

Kevin Durant- News Coming Season

Wojnarowski reports that the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat are among the teams Durant has listed on the list.

Kevin Durant- Has Listed on the List

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported the Phoenix Suns are one of Durant's "preferred destinations for landing.

Kevin Durant- Yahoo Sports News

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski stated that even though those teams are on Durant's top list.

Kevin Durant- On the Top List

Image Source- ESPN

He will choose to sign on for last year's contract extension with the Nets which is worth $37 million.

Kevin Durant- Contract Extension

Image Source- Nets Daily

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