I'm tempted by the idea of starting this article with a rant about how the Raptors ought to utilize.

Kevin Durant- Tempted by the Idea

Then I'll say Thank you for taking the time to read. Then give you an advertisement for odds on betting.

Kevin Durant- Advertisement Odds

However, the actuality of trading your franchise's future in exchange for a 33-year-old, win-now athlete.

Kevin Durant- Actuality of Trading

The last few days have been a bit of a blur since Durant reportedly requested a move from Brooklyn.

Kevin Durant- Requested a Move

The Toronto Raptors have come up as a suitable landing point in the search for The Slim Reaper.

Kevin Durant- Toronto Raptors

Since the Raptors are among the few teams to have enough potential first-round picks and young talent.

Kevin Durant- Enough Potential

Additionally, even though both situations are different and different, the Raptors have set an example.

Kevin Durant- Both Situations

They've remained flexible, making sure that young players are on fair contract terms, including short-term ones.

Kevin Durant- Moving Young Players

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