It seems Kevin Durant's trading request would tip the balance in favor of player empowerment.

Kevin Durant- Opting Trade Request

Kevin Durant- NBA Team Owner

Allow NBA team owners to reset their paradigm after more than a decade of star movement.

If a New York star who is just entering a four year extension worth almost $200 million can force himself.

Kevin Durant- New York Star

It began in 2010 with LeBron exercising his rights as a free agent and leaving his hometown-adjacent.

Kevin Durant- LeBron James Exercising

This set off a frenzy of players taking up their positions and moving wherever they want to, judging from the consternation.

Kevin Durant- Frenzy of Player

Although Durant's request for a trade was not shocking, one team owner told Yahoo Sports.

Kevin Durant- NBA Commissioner

The team owner stated that it was not a problem for players to trade with multiple years remaining.

Kevin Durant- Team Owner Stated


However, it is certain to be raised when the National Basketball Players Association (NBA) and the team owners meet.

Kevin Durant- NBA Players

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