Kevin Durant is so confusing to me. This may be why I love him. Why is he so disliked by so many?

Kevin Durant- So Confusing

Kevin Durant- Incredible Talent

Despite his incredible talent, LeBron is easy to understand. He wants to be the greatest basketball player.

We may not give him our dues because of how he has done it. He hasn't let that stop him from trying.

Kevin Durant- Our Dues

Durant's madness is not possible. He wants to excel at basketball. The juice is the action.

Kevin Durant- Excels at Basketballs

Kevin Durant is, in the end, as human a legend of the NBA as any other player. He should be praised for it.

Kevin Durant- Human Legend

Durant has asked for help from the mess he made with the Brooklyn Nets. He's not the first to ask for help.

Kevin Durant- Brooklyn Nets

Durant's peers in The pantheon can be easily identified. They never switched teams with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, etc.

Kevin Durant- Switched Teams

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Hakeem Olajuwon and Michael Jordan might have been able to because they never talked about their tenures.

Kevin Durant- Michael Jordan

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