Kevin Durant- Exchange

Kevin Durant exchange talks have slowed down. With the Celtics, Heat and every other person.

That is no confidential, it has been that way for quite a long time, and there are various explanations.

Kevin Durant- No Confidential

Kevin Durant- Great Deal

That beginnings with the season — a great deal of chiefs are an extended get-away.

Groups take a gander at what the Nets are requesting (beginning with an All-Star level player.

Kevin Durant- Requesting

Durant had been radio-quiet, however, presently comes gossip that Durant and Nets proprietor.

Kevin Durant- Radio Quiet

That he is serious about what he said in his exchange demand, he needs out and will hot report to Nets.

Kevin Durant- Exchange Demand

That could push the Nets to take an exchange underneath what they accept is the market.

Kevin Durant- Underneath

Image Source-nets daily

Durant repeals his exchange demand, basically for the present. The Nets trust this is the situation.

Kevin Durant- Exchange Demands

Image Source- Azcentral

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