Kevin Durant- Entire Year

It's been a little over an entire year since Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant requested the trade.

Actually, there's been a report of "pessimism" about the possibility of a deal with Durant.

Kevin Durant- About the Possibility

Kevin Durant- Nets Difficulty

The Nets have difficulty in finding other teams that can help in facilitating a trade, and due to the high price.

There's always a chance Durant might remain a part of the Nets in 2022 when the season kicks off.

Kevin Durant- A Chance for It

In a face-to-face discussion at the London Olympic Stadium in London and team president Joe Tsai.

Kevin Durant- Face to Face Discussion

The former league MVP has reiterated his belief that he would like to be dealt as per Shams Charania.

Kevin Durant- Former MVP

Durant's position hasn't changed throughout the entire process. However, according to some new details.

Kevin Durant- Entire Process

Tsai replied to the news on Tuesday night via Twitter, "Our front office and coaches have my full support.

Kevin Durant- Front Office

Image Source- AZ Central

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