Kevin Durant- Finals MVP

Kevin Durant, their former star and two-time Finals MVP, and Steve Nash, their former consultant.

Durant is the league's story of the offseason who had signed with the Brooklyn Nets team.

Kevin Durant- League Story

Kevin Durant- Expected to Finish

KD was expected to finish the first season of his four-year extension signed in 2021, but nothing more.

Shams Charania reported that Kevin Durant asked Nets Owner either to Sign him or fire Steve Nash.

Kevin Durant- Nets Owner

Durant's desire to have Nash, whose time with Warriors overlapped with KD’s, to be fired is ironic.

Kevin Durant- Warriors Overlapped

It would be easy to make fun of it. But my friend and colleague said it perfectly and succinctly.

Kevin Durant- Friends & Colleague

The Golden State Warriors are gratefully in the middle of a streak that is almost completely devoid of drama.

Kevin Durant- Completely Devoid

Kevin Durant- Talented Players

Image Source- Larry Brown Sports

Draymond Green is looking to be compensated as one of the most talented players of his generation.

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