Every NBA star is subject to "legacy" talks. They are constantly compared with Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and other greats.

Kevin Durant- NBA Star Legacy

Kevin Durant seems to be on the bitter side of these conversations. Social media took aim at Curry's ex-teammate again.

Kevin Durant- Bitter Side of Conversation

One fan tweeted, "How does it feel not to be loved by any fans of the team that you won back-to-back titles.

Kevin Durant- Loved by any Fans

Durant replied to a fan that said his legacy had "died" by saying, "I've been dead since July 4, 2016.

Kevin Durant- He Replied about his Legacy

Durant, who was awarded two rings with Golden State in 2015, joined the team after the Warriors won the championship in 2016.

Kevin Durant- Awarded Two Rings

After the Warriors' defeat to the Raptors in 2015, Durant joined the team in 2016. Curry now holds four championships.

Image Source- US Open

Kevin Durant- Defeat to the Raptors

Durant congratulated the Warriors in his tweets and it doesn't seem like there are any bitter rivals.

Image Source- Your Big Sky

Kevin Durant- Congratulated the Warriors

Durant was eliminated by the Celtics during the first round this year's playoffs. Brooklyn has signed Durant from 2025-26 Season.

Kevin Durant- He was Eliminated

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